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The insurance claim process can be difficult, insurance carriers don't always like to play by the rules. As it was said by All State, it is a "zero sum game" where the insurance carrier and policy holder are competing for the same dollars. Sounds like an act of war by the very business you pay your money to every year. 

The difference between Alabama Premier Roofing and our competitors is experience. Using our experience we can quickly resolve claims in most cases. 

Our process is simple; 

1. Inspect the property and determine sufficient damage 

2. Meet the insurance adjuster and explain the findings

3. Contact the insurance carrier and work to obtain an approval

4. Collect the insurance proceeds and deductible

5. Pull Permits 

6. Order Materials 

7. Build Project 

The claims process has been an issue in the past, nowadays it's easier than ever if you have a contractor who is fighting for you and not their own pockets. 

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