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Practical Ways to Extend Your Roof’s Service Life

Your roof’s life expectancy isn’t a guarantee—it’s an estimate. While a well-maintained roof should perform well throughout and potentially even beyond its service life, a neglected one will likely fail prematurely.

That’s why roof maintenance is paramount. As experienced roofers, we have seen first-hand on multiple occasions how even the toughest roofing material will fail early if it is not properly maintained. Maintaining your roof on a regular basis isn’t optional, but rather a non-negotiable requirement for maximum longevity.

Here’s what you can do to make your roofing system last as long as possible:

Removing Organic Growths

Dirty roofs don’t just look unsightly; they also wear down faster than clean roofs. Moss, fungi and other organisms feeding on your roof may spread, speeding up the breakdown of shingles. Algae forms dark stains or streaks, ruining your home’s curb appeal. Occasional professional cleaning is sufficient to eliminate this problem. Unlike other contractors who employ harmful pressure washing and harsh chemicals that can actually damage your roof, Arry’s Roofing optimizes a completely safe roof cleaning system.

Scheduling Regular Inspections

Not all roofing problems are visible to the untrained eye, which is why it’s important to have your roof professionally inspected on a regular basis. It pays to hire a trusted roofing company to uncover issues before they do major damage.

We have the experience and skill to handle virtually all steep- or low-slope roofing systems. No matter the material of your roof, we can identify all existing and hidden red flags effectively, allowing you to make critical decisions in a timely manner.

Making Immediate Repairs

Any minor problem is serious enough to merit a roof repair. When it comes to your roof, procrastinating is negligence, and could even void your roofing warranty. The longest-lasting roofs aren’t only naturally durable but also constantly maintained over the course of their lifespans.

Spending on maintenance in Dothan is a small expense in exchange for adding many years to your roof’s service life. To schedule your FREE inspection and get an estimate for any necessary service, call Alabama Premier Roofing now at (334) 209-4688.

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